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Balloon Inflation Guide


Latex balloons are the most commonly used balloons around. It comes in various sizes. Chart below shows the different size that are available in the market

Helium Instructions


We have been asked why balloons sometimes carry a ‘Not suitable for helium-filling’ warning. Contrary to popular belief, it’s not that they’re dangerous when filled with helium, it’s simply because they’re too small to float. So, in theory, all balloons can be filled with helium but not all of them will float!  

In general, small balloons won’t float or if they do, it won’t for very long! This is because the small amount of helium in them won’t be enough to overcome the weight of the material the balloon is made of. Every gram counts when you are trying to get a balloon lighter than air and the size of each balloon as well as the type of material they are made of will play a crucial part in the amount of weight each balloon can lift.


Helium can only be used on Latex balloons over 9” in size. The floatating time will depend upon whether the balloon is fully inflated to it’s intended size and it’s surrounding conditions. See below for a chart showing you an estimate of how much helium is required to fill various sizes of latex balloons and the intended Floating time


Size of Latex Balloon

Capacity in Cubic feet

Estimated        Float time

11″ Latex


15-24 hours

11″ Confetti Filled


7-12 hours

16″ Latex


30 hours

18″ Confetti Filled


30 hours

24″ Latex Balloon


3-5 days

30″ Metallic Round Latex


3-5 days

36″ (3ft) Latex only inflated to 30″ *


3-5 days

36″ (3ft) Round Latex fully inflated


3-5 days

36″ (3ft) Round Latex Confetti Filled


2-3 days

Balloon inflation tips

36″ (3ft) Jumbo Latex balloons require a lot of helium to fully inflate, so you can try inflating with air to start off an then fill the rest with helium or inflate it to 30”. Either way the balloon with float for the same time and look pretty.

Note: Over inflating a balloon will make it Pop! Always fill slightly lesser than the described size.


Hi Float

If you want to increase the floating time for your latex balloons, use Hi-Float which is available in majority of the party stores. This will increase the float time by approximately 20 – 25 times.



These require much less helium than latex balloons but are often harder to estimate as they come in all shapes and sizes. Below is a guide.

Size of Foil Balloon

Capacity in Cubic     feet

Estimated Float time

18″ Foil (Heart and Round)


            3-5 days

20″ Foil


            3-5 days

Foil Pet Balloons


            3.5 days

Giant Letter & Number 30″

1.8 – 2.5

            3-5 days

Foil Giant Shapes

1.8 – 2.5

            3-5 days

Some foils due to their odd shape will be hard to get them floating. So always check before using Helium


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