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DIY – Party Backdrops

A backdrop is the perfect thing to incorporate into parties or gatherings. When people are celebrating under one roof, cameras will be out and ready to capture the moments, and having a colourful or theme background will get everyone excited. Backdrops can really set the mood of a party, and they pretty much guarantee awesome party pictures! Here are some great ideas on some wonderful backdrop ideas from our friends.


Rainbow Backdrop

photo-booth-backdrop-4 Rainbow backdrops are easy and simple to make, great for rainbow theme parties. You can mix these with matching balloons to give a

Cloud Backdrop using Balloons

0c78c89d4b5d543136f3c4d7fa5cf460 How gorgeous are these ! perfect mix of colours, suits both wedding and birthday parties.

Heart Backdrop using Balloons

heartballoonsbackdrop Simple and elegant way to decorate any parties or home, these balloons last for a few days if filled with air.

Paper Fan Backdrop

22615_764926884_l These simple to do paper fan are in fashion now, mix and match with colours to lighten your theme. Simple to make and comes in a range of colours to choose from.

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